The Best and simplest active girl hairstyle

FullSizeRender_3 Hello all!

This is one of my sisters favorite hairstyles! She sports this look for her soccer and basketball games. It keeps her hair out of her face and out-of-the-way. This hairstyle can also be adjusted for a girl with bangs or with short hair. My sister is currently growing out her bangs, and this hairstyle still works for her. Without further ado:

Single French Back into a Braided Ponytail

  1. Brush or comb all hair backwards, making sure there are no snarls left in the hair.
  2. Part the hair in line with the outside point of the eyebrow on both sides of the head. Make sure this line is as straight as possible! If you do not have a rat-tooth comb, you can use an old dull pen.FullSizeRender
  3. Part a third line at the middle of the head. This part should be at the spot a ponytail would usually sit on the head. The two parts from Step 2 should meet at this newly made part.
  4. Gather all hair that is not in the parted section, and tie it at the bottom of the head. This hair should be completely out of the way.FullSizeRender_1
  5. Begin french braiding the parted section. Spray the hair with water when needed.
  6. When done braiding the parted hair, secure the hair with a rubber elastic
  7. Release the non parted hair from the bottom of the head.
  8. Brush the hair into a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is positioned where the french braiding ends.
  9. When the ponytail is completed, braid the ponytail down into a three stranded braid and secure with a rubber elastic.
  10. Add hairspray if needed.

I hope you enjoy doing this hairstyle on either yourself, your daughter, or your sister. This hairstyle can really work for any type of event and keeps the hair out of the girl’s face.

As always, Live Simply.